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Buy Replacement Ear Pads for your Beats Solo 3, Beats Studio 3 or Buy Bose headphones. We have the entire range of colours available for each model so head over to the page of your model of headphones, select your desired colour and make your order!

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Beats by Dre Solo 3


buy Solo 3 Ear pads
Beats by Dre Studio replacement earpads Studio 2.0 replacement earpads Studio 2.0 Wireless replacement earpads Studio 3.0 Wireless replacement earpads

Beats by Dre Studio 3


Buy studio 3 ear pads
Beats by Dre replacement earpads

Bose Ear Pads

£13 / £15

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Buy Replacement Ear Pads & Fit Them Yourself

You can order your Replacement Ear Pads from our store for your Beats by Dre or Bose headphones and receive them within 3 working days, Simply pry off your old ear pads using a strong tool and attach your new ear pad by applying pressure to either the sticky tape or lugs that on your new ear pads.

Don't Want To Do The Repair Yourself?

If you'd rather we complete the repair for you, you can head over to our ear pad repair page. The process is simple, you select your model and colour of headphones, send your headphones off to us and we do the rest.
Ear Pad Repair

Do You Have Additional Faults?

If you have additional issues with your headset like a sound issue or a power issue, you can send an inquiry to our parent company; Fix Headphones. Whatever the issue, we can fix it for you. Send your inquiry to us and receive a quote today.

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