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Our core business is our headphone repair service, Fix Headphones. In our 10+ years in operation we have managed to source the best quality parts and now with the launch of Fix Ear Pads we can offer you directly the parts that we are proud to use in our repair service. With a 5 star rating, why risk on quality and look to buy else where?

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Worn, torn or gym sweat smell?

If you've owned your pair of headphones for some time it's likely that your ear pads aren't in the same fresh condition as they were when you first bought them. Whether you're battling smells, stains or general ear pad ageing from ongoing usage, do not fear - there is a solution. We're the only suppliers of the entire Beats by Dre Solo 3 & Studio 3 Ear Pad collection in the UK & have increased our range to include replacement ear pads for Apple, Bose, Sony, Skullcandy, Sennheiser & Marshall ear pads. If you want to buy replacement ear pads from us, head to our store. If you want to send your headphones to us for repair, head over to our Repairs page.

How To Change Your Ear Pads?

Each model of headphones is slightly different so we've broken down how to complete each repair on their own individual product page however they are follow the simple process or pulling / prying off your old ear pad and inserting your new one. You will do this by hand / with a tool like a flat head screwdriver to get in-between your ear cup and your ear pads. New ear pads will are easily applied to your headphones via an a double sided sticky tape, pressing hooks or twisting into position.

Do you have additional faults?

If you have additional issues with your headset like a sound issue or a power issue, you can send an inquiry to our parent company; Fix Headphones. Whatever the issue, we can fix it for you. Send your inquiry to us and receive a quote today.

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