Headphone Ear Pad Repair

Headphone Ear Pad Repair for your Beats or Bose headphones. Choose your model and colour, send them to us and simply wait. We'll have your headphones repaired the same day as we receive them, in the post via 1st Class mail the very next day and you should receive them the following day.

Beats by Dre Solo replacement earpads Solo 2.0 replacement earpads Solo 2.0 Wireless replacement earpads Solo 3.0 Wireless replacement earpads

Beats by Dre Solo

Solo 3 Wireless


Replace My Solo 3 Ear pads
Beats by Dre Studio replacement earpads Studio 2.0 replacement earpads Studio 2.0 Wireless replacement earpads Studio 3.0 Wireless replacement earpads

Beats by Dre Studio

Studio 3 Wireless


Replace My Studio 3 Ear pads
Beats by Dre replacement earpads

Bose Ear Pads

NC700, QC35 II, QC35, QC25 or QC15

£18 / £20

Replace My bose ear pads

Headphone Ear Pad Repair

There's 4 steps to follow in order to get your headphones repair:

1. Select your model and colour or headphones.

2. Make payment via our online store.

3. Send your headphones to us

4. Sit back & wait. We'll have your headphones back with you within days.

Want to do the repair yourself?

If you feel comfortable replacing your ear pads yourself, you can head over to our store to have the replacement posted to you. We'll have your new ear pads with you in 3 working days.

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Do you have additional faults?

If you have additional issues with your headset like a sound issue or a power issue, you can send an inquiry to our parent company; Fix Headphones. Whatever the issue, we can fix it for you. Send your inquiry to us and receive a quote today.

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