Thank You for Your Order!
What to do Next

Include your unique reference number
You will receive a confirmation email of your order with your unique reference number (order number). Please print this page and include it with your headphones, or alternatively include the number clearly on paper inside your box.
Send your headphones to us at the address below:
565 Holyhead Road
United Kingdom

We recommend sending them via Royal Mail's special delivery service – ask at your local post office – or using your preferred courier.
How to pack your headphones

Send them in a small box with some inner protection (bubble wrap, newspaper etc) or in a large jiffy bag.

Only the headphones are required – no accessories are needed, although you're welcome to put them in the case for extra protection. This will be returned.

Alternatively you can drop them off to us in person:
565 Holyhead Road
United Kingdom

You're welcome to drop them off with us personally – please come between the hours of 9am-5pm during a weekday. If you want to arrange a drop off time outside of these hours please contact us.

How long will it take?
You'll receive your beats back with fresh pads within roughly 5 working days or 2-4 days if you chose fast track.

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